Creditors’ Rights

Protecting the Rights of Creditors and Reclaiming Debt

As a creditor, you may be forced to combat overdue consumer debt and pending bankruptcy proceedings. Recovering funds is essential to protecting your business’ livelihood.

Employing quality, sophisticated legal counsel can safeguard creditor’s rights and greatly increase your ability to reclaim debts.

At the offices of Bunch & Brock, Attorneys at Law, in Lexington, Kentucky, we offer powerful protection of creditor’s rights backed by more than 30 years of experience. Attorneys at our firm represent companies and corporations in matters ranging from securing preference claims and gathering collateral to litigation proceedings.

To arrange a consultation with a lawyer skilled in protecting creditor’s rights, contact us at 859-254-5522.

Establishing Preference Claims

U.S. bankruptcy laws allow specific creditors to receive payments before others during a bankruptcy. Securing a preference claim (also known as a preference action) can allow you to recover and retain the payment you are entitled to before funds run out. Our firm diligently prepares necessary preference claim paperwork and aggressively negotiates or litigates on your behalf.

Pursuing Bankruptcy Litigation

Our focus when representing creditor’s rights is to help you receive the money you are owed in the most effective and efficient manner possible. When negotiation techniques are not enough, we do not hesitate to bring a matter before the courts.

Lawyers at our firm are prepared to assist you with bankruptcy litigation matters involving:

  • Relief from stay: challenging automatic stays granted to debtors
  • Adversary proceedings: arguing the discharge of certain debts
  • Lien avoidance: challenging a debtor’s attempts to remove liens
  • Bankruptcy reclamation: collecting property sold to a debtor
  • Fraudulent conveyance: pre-file transfers made with intent to defraud
Kentucky Bankruptcy Lawyers

Protect Your Rights — Contact Bunch & Brock

The bankruptcy code provides significant protection to creditors dealing with unpaid debts. Bunch & Brock can help you understand how to fully protect your rights during bankruptcy proceedings. To arrange a consultation, contact us by telephone or online.