Month: December 2021

The purpose of probate in Kentucky is to ensure that the assets of a person who has passed away are transferred to the rightful heirs. Probate can happen with or without a will, though the presence of a valid will often makes the probate process easier. A will ensures that the deceased person’s wishes are carried out explicitly, whereas the absence of a will means the court will determine who inherits what, based on Kentucky’s succession laws. This may or may not reflect what the deceased person intended. The purpose of probate is also to […]

Depending on the circumstances, probate may be needed if there is no will. A Kentucky probate attorney can help you determine if probate is needed in your individual situation. Many people believe that if you have a will in Kentucky, then there is no need for probate when you die, but this is not true. While many estates must go through probate if they have no will, not all of them will have to do so. And, depending on your situation, your estate may be subject to probate, even if you have a will. Probate […]