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Rising Interest Rates and What It Means for You

KY Financial Lawyer

Bank runs and the banking panics that result are the stuff of fiscal nightmares. In fact, addressing the financial crises that can stem from bank runs was one of the main reasons that Congress created the Federal Reserve System over 100 years ago. Often simply referred to as the “Feds,” this agency is the central banking system of the United States whose main duties include maximizing employment, stabilizing prices, and moderating interest rates. When the Feds raise or lower interest rates, it generates a chain reaction that trickles down to every consumer. To lower interest […]

January is Financial Wellness Month

KY Financial Lawyer

Lose weight. Quit smoking. Get organized. Save money. Manage debt. These are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions – and some of the most commonly broken. It is thought that the custom of making resolutions started with the ancient Babylonians who made promises to the gods in hopes of being rewarded with good favor in the upcoming year. Paying their debts was a frequent promise. Not much has changed in 4,000 years, with statistics suggesting that 34 percent of the resolutions made for 2015 were money-related. To aide you on your financial fresh […]

Those New-Fangled, Chip-Enabled Cards

Kentucky Credit Couseling Lawyer

Staying one step ahead of criminals who always seem to have limitless resources isn’t easy. According to the fraud research director of financial industry research company Aite Group, every credit card issuer absorbs over $3 billion in credit fraud annually. The latest attempt to thwart cybercriminals in their never-ending quest to steal identities and payment information are microchip-enabled credit cards. You likely have already received this upgraded card in the mail from your bank, meant to replace the traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards. The technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions is known as […]

Smart Budgeting During the Holidays

KY Holiday Budgeting Attorney

Research by the world’s largest retail trade association estimates that this year’s holiday sales (other than auto, gas and restaurant sales) will increase 3.7 percent, to $630.5 billion, representing approximately 19 percent of the retail industry’s annual sales of $3.2 trillion. Similarly, an annual national survey on holiday spending by the American Research Group found that the average planned spending of $882 for 2015 was slightly up from last year’s $861. Looking back over the last decade, the average planned gift spending for this year was $465 above the low in 2009 and $60 below the high reached in 2005. It […]

7 Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses

Customer Service Tips for Small Business in Lexington

There’s an American proverb that states, “To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one.” Certainly, customers are one of the fundamental building blocks shared across industries and among businesses. Whether it’s good or bad, customers remember how they were treated and, as a result, often choose to reward a company with brand loyalty or punish one through boycotts. In today’s online society, word travels fast. Service is critical, because consumers will move on if they don’t have a positive experience with a business. Offering great products or services may attract customers, […]

Life Insurance & Divorce

Kentucky Insurance Divorce Lawyer

At its best, divorce is a difficult process. At its worst . . . well, we’ve all heard the horror stories. While the term is a legal one for dissolving a marriage, its emotional aspects are usually harder to work through than its legal ones. Spouses who are divorcing tend to focus on immediate concerns such as who will stay in the marital home, who will have primary custody of the kids and who will pay the credit card bill. It’s easy to overlook long-term financial plans, but doing so can leave you in a […]

Start-Up Funding Tips

Lexington Start Up Cost Business

It takes a lot of inner strength and smarts to start a business. It also takes money, most often by taking out a loan or raising investor capital. While your enthusiasm is building for that great idea of yours and you’re bursting to share it, there are a few things that should be in place before you start to seek funding. You must have a business plan that gives a summary of what your business is and how it will make money. Your plan should include market research showing the viability of your idea, financial […]

Two Jobs, Two Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan

Colloquially referred to as “moonlighting” (not to be confused with that much-loved late-1980’s show starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis), many Americans have a second job in addition to their full-time one. Stories abound of police officers who work as bouncers, teachers who work as tutors, office staffers who drive cabs. It is also common these days for one person to have two sources of income by working a “regular” day job and running a successful small business on the side. Still others cobble together multiple money-making prospects that see them working a combination of […]

Even Municipalities Have Money Troubles

Small City

At first glance, the most populous city in Michigan and a tiny home rule-class city in Northern Kentucky wouldn’t seem to have much in common. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that financial emergencies resulted in both municipalities’ seeking the protection of Chapter 9 bankruptcy. In December of 2013, Detroit, Michigan, was declared bankrupt due to its $18.5 billion debt and the impracticality of negotiating with its thousands of creditors. One year later, the city successfully exited the bankruptcy and embarked on a plan to cut $7 billion in debt as well as reinvest […]

Pros and Cons of Prepaid Funerals

Prepaid Funeral

Remember when it was time to buy a new car and you spent time poring over models, colors, dealers, options, prices, incentives and safety ratings? Investing in a new vehicle is a big deal, and any large purchase, whether for a product or a service, should involve comparison shopping. Although not a fun purchase like a car or a big-screen TV, paying for your funeral in advance can bring peace of mind – to you and your loved ones. The truth of the matter is, in death, as in life, someone has to pay for […]