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Protecting Your Credit When You Marry into Debt

Estate Planning

Blooming flowers and baseball season share this time of the year with many blushing brides. May and June are peak months for weddings, and while it’s wonderful to focus on celebrating your love, it’s also important to take a step back to examine your post-nuptial financial picture. Although it can be difficult to talk about finances, they are a big part of the life that you are committing to share, and it can strengthen your relationship to make a plan as a team for dealing with any issues. Debt brought into marriage is a problem […]

Bankruptcies on the Rise Among Baby Boomers

Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney

MC Hammer. Cyndi Lauper. Meat Loaf. Willie Nelson. Marvin Gaye. Toni Braxton. Tom Petty. Mike Tyson. Kim Basinger. These unique personalities are talented musicians who also share the distinction of being Baby Boomers that have filed for bankruptcy protection. And they are being joined daily by many less famous people of their generation. While the amount of debt owed is often significantly less than the millions owed by these celebrities, bankruptcy filings are rising for those born between 1946 and 1964. Now between 52 and 70 years old, there are about 75 million boomers representing […]

Mortgage Shopping in Today’s World

KY Mortage Rate Lawyer

Buying a home is neither easy nor cheap. At one time a great investment, the “American dream” of home ownership became a bit of a nightmare during the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. The mortgage market has been moving in a favorable direction since then, with interest rates falling, banks lending, and consumer confidence increasing. Technically, mortgages are the written agreements that govern home loans between banks/lenders and consumers/borrowers. Of course, the banks are lending the money for a profit, so it’s important to make sure you shop around for the best deal. For 2013, […]

When the Only Two Things that are Certain in Life Finally Come Together: A Decedent’s Final Tax Return

Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney

The first time a wage earner makes enough money to trigger the income tax filing requirement usually results in a fairly simple return. In contrast, a taxpayer’s final return filed after his or her death is quite complicated. When a taxpayer dies, a legal entity called an estate is automatically created to make sure that all of the decedent’s income is accounted for. A decedent’s surviving spouse or personal representative should promptly notify all payers of income about the death and, in turn, they should stop using the decedent’s social security number. Instead, the estate […]

Tax Time Again

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In between National Pecan Day on April 14 and National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day two days later, it’s possible that you might not have a chance to also adequately prepare for Income Tax Day. Luckily, you get bonus time this year, due to the Emancipation Day holiday. Annually held on April 16 to mark the anniversary of the signing of the law that ended slavery in Washington, D.C., Emancipation Day is being observed on Friday, April 15, which bumps Tax Day to Monday, April 18. Basic Info If your adjusted gross income is […]

Financial Power of Attorney Dos and Don’ts

KY Financial Power of Attorney

No one enjoys the idea of losing their independence and having to rely on someone else. However, when used properly, a power of attorney can ensure that a trusted person is handling your financial affairs when you’re not mentally or physically capable of doing so yourself. Powers of attorney are highly customizable and can be drafted to address individual situations. Initially an inexpensive way for someone without a lot of money to do some estate planning, a power of attorney has evolved into a fairly standard document. If you’ve been entrusted by someone else to act […]

Rising Interest Rates and What It Means for You

KY Financial Lawyer

Bank runs and the banking panics that result are the stuff of fiscal nightmares. In fact, addressing the financial crises that can stem from bank runs was one of the main reasons that Congress created the Federal Reserve System over 100 years ago. Often simply referred to as the “Feds,” this agency is the central banking system of the United States whose main duties include maximizing employment, stabilizing prices, and moderating interest rates. When the Feds raise or lower interest rates, it generates a chain reaction that trickles down to every consumer. To lower interest […]

January is Financial Wellness Month

KY Financial Lawyer

Lose weight. Quit smoking. Get organized. Save money. Manage debt. These are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions – and some of the most commonly broken. It is thought that the custom of making resolutions started with the ancient Babylonians who made promises to the gods in hopes of being rewarded with good favor in the upcoming year. Paying their debts was a frequent promise. Not much has changed in 4,000 years, with statistics suggesting that 34 percent of the resolutions made for 2015 were money-related. To aide you on your financial fresh […]

Those New-Fangled, Chip-Enabled Cards

Kentucky Credit Couseling Lawyer

Staying one step ahead of criminals who always seem to have limitless resources isn’t easy. According to the fraud research director of financial industry research company Aite Group, every credit card issuer absorbs over $3 billion in credit fraud annually. The latest attempt to thwart cybercriminals in their never-ending quest to steal identities and payment information are microchip-enabled credit cards. You likely have already received this upgraded card in the mail from your bank, meant to replace the traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards. The technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions is known as […]

Smart Budgeting During the Holidays

KY Holiday Budgeting Attorney

Research by the world’s largest retail trade association estimates that this year’s holiday sales (other than auto, gas and restaurant sales) will increase 3.7 percent, to $630.5 billion, representing approximately 19 percent of the retail industry’s annual sales of $3.2 trillion. Similarly, an annual national survey on holiday spending by the American Research Group found that the average planned spending of $882 for 2015 was slightly up from last year’s $861. Looking back over the last decade, the average planned gift spending for this year was $465 above the low in 2009 and $60 below the high reached in 2005. It […]