Simplify Your Life by Planning Ahead

February 12th, 2018 by Bunch & Brock

Regardless of your stage of life, planning wisely for you and your family brings much-needed peace of mind. Whether you’re considering the educational needs of your children or making end-of-life arrangements, knowing that your affairs are in order makes life more enjoyable and makes the lives of your loved ones much easier.

Here are a few things to consider when planning for the future…

  • Little Bundle, Big Bills – According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a middle-income family can expect to pay more than $233,000 over the first 18 years of a child’s life, which doesn’t include college. There are ways to make this work, though, that don’t include undue stress and guilt.
  • Financial Planning for College – Going to college should be a time of hope, not a time of dread. There are steps you can take, if you’re willing to plan. Paying for college doesn’t have to send you spiraling into bankruptcy.
  • Two Jobs, Two Retirement Plans – For many Americans, working two jobs is the norm, not the exception. If you are currently engaged in more than one earning opportunity, it’s important to know that there are rules for having multiple retirement plans.
  • Considering a Prepaid Funeral – Paying and planning are separate issues, and you can preplan without prepaying. A survey conducted last year by the National Funeral Directors Association of adults older than 40 found that, of those respondents who had prearranged their funeral, only about 26 percent had prepaid.

Financial planning should be comforting, not intimidating. It’s worth investing the small amount of time it will take to set things in place so that you and your loved ones can reap the benefits when they need it most.

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