Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Filing for bankruptcy may be not a “cure all” for your financial troubles.

Considering Every Option for Debt Relief

The decision to file is serious. It will impact your future in both positive and negative ways. Before making this decision, it is important to consider other potential options for debt relief.

At Bunch & Brock, Attorneys at Law, in Lexington, Kentucky, we can assist you in putting your finances back on track. Although lawyers at our firm primarily focus on helping clients through the bankruptcy process, they also offer sound advice concerning other alternatives.

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Credit Counseling Services

Credit counseling services work with your creditors to negotiate a reduced-interest payment plan. For a fixed period of time, you will make a set monthly payment to the service. They then distribute your payments to your creditors.

Before choosing a credit counseling service, do plenty of research. Make certain the service you decide to use has a reputable history; unfortunately there are unscrupulous companies out there who take advantage of people in severe financial straits.

Making the Right Choice

Lexington Law OfficeIf you have exhausted other options, bankruptcy may be the right choice for your financial situation. Speaking with an attorney at Bunch & Brock can help you to determine whether a Chapter 7, Chapter 12, Chapter 13 would be in your best interests. Contact us to learn how we can help you make a fresh start; we can even provide you with a list of credit counseling companies approved by the U.S. Department of Justice.