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Business Law

Businesses that last don’t just appear. Instead, in almost every case, they are the products of careful planning and evaluation. Questions must be asked, the market studied, and inquiries made as to whether the service or product to be supplied is even in demand and, if so, where.

Aside from the business considerations, though, are the legal ones. From the most basic questions, such as who the owners will be, to more complicated ones, including how the business will be titled and certified for taxes, an experienced law firm can assist with the tough legal questions. This will only allow your business a healthy start with all the legal advantages available, and will also help create a framework for your business to grow and succeed, continuing through the life of the business with all its legal needs.

Let Bunch & Brock Help You

Practicing from offices in Lexington, for more than three decades the attorneys of Bunch & Brock have been assisting business owners with the varied requirements of running a well-managed and profitable enterprise. Kentucky is a wonderful place in which to do business, and we welcome the opportunity of bringing your vision into reality. If you’re in the beginning stages of forming a business, you’re likely to need advice about which type of entity is most appropriate and advisable for your situation. Should you incorporate? How about forming an LLC? We understand the advantages and disadvantages of the several options available and will explore them with you as you undertake your new business start-up. For trusted answers to your many questions or to set up an appointment, contact us online or call us at 859.254.5522.

Kentucky Business Legal Needs

It’s not just start-up businesses that have legal needs. Even established companies need on-going guidance on a variety of issues. Bunch & Brock offers reliable counsel on many of the routine needs of businesses, from start-up to dissolution, including:

  • Articles of Incorporation, bylaws and operating agreements: These documents list the official status of a business within a state, as well as instituting roles for individuals within the business and its internal functions.
  • Shareholder and buy-sell agreements: If a business has gone public and allowed shareholders to purchase part of the company, these regulate the shares and the stipulations for purchasing or selling them.
  • Employment contracts: These documents stipulate the terms of employment for different positions within a company.
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements: These protect business practices as well as the company itself. Non-disclosure agreements make sure that none of the trade or practicing secrets of a company may be disclosed publicly, even after employment ends. The non-compete agreement ensures that a business doesn’t train an individual only to have them take the training to a competing entity and use that training in competition against the original company.
  • Arbitration: Bunch & Brock can help settle disputes outside of the courts.
  • Loan documentation: Loans can be tricky; sometimes legal advice is necessary to unravel some of the more complex terminology and practices.
  • Regulatory compliance: This helps make sure your business operates well within the boundaries of local, state and federal law at all levels.
  • Leases: Some of the most basic parts of owning and operating a business are the space and the specifications necessary.
  • Succession planning: With succession plans, a company makes sure that the infighting to see who will lead is kept at a minimum.
  • Corporate dissolution: If a business decides to close, legal details must be arranged to pay the bills and make sure assets are divided appropriately, among other considerations.


Sometimes businesses simply don’t perform well in a competitive marketplace for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, there are several options, and in some of the most severe cases, bankruptcy is one of them. In the unfortunate circumstance that your business is facing financial reversals, Bunch & Brock can see you through the process of seeking bankruptcy protection. With our experienced attorneys, we will walk you through all your options to help you find and put in place what’s best for you and your business.

Contact Us

Whether you are considering operating a business in Kentucky or are currently managing a small or medium-sized business here, Bunch & Brock welcomes the opportunity to act as trusted business advisors throughout the life of your company. Our clients include family-owned companies, healthcare providers, merchants and manufacturers, as well as nearly every other type of legal business in the Commonwealth. Let us help you move forward in today’s challenging business environment. Contact us online or call us at 859.254.5522.

Lexington, KY Attorney Matt Bunch

Attorney Matthew Bunch

Matt handles complicated bankruptcies and debt restructuring in Chapters 11 and 13 for both individuals and companies. He has also negotiated with multiple creditors on behalf of his clients to avoid bankruptcy. Matt is the firm’s lead litigator and handles contract disputes, certain personal injury claims and general litigation. [ attorney bio ]


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