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Are you a creditor or being threatened with a preference action or lawsuit in the Sleep Outfitters’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy case? Call us at 859-554-0691 to learn how we can represent you.

No one, whether you are an individual or business owner, wants to face the prospect of filing for bankruptcy. You need representation from a Lexington, KY bankruptcy lawyer that understands your unique situation and knows how to help you make a fresh start.

Lexington Bankruptcy Lawyers

When considering whether you need a financial advisor or a business lawyer, maybe your best bet is a provider with one foot squarely in both worlds. You expect your financial advisor to know you on a deeper level than your attorney. But you should also trust that advisor to know business law without having to call HIS or HER lawyer and translate your needs to the attorney’s specialty. And you want to trust both planner and attorney with your goals and desires for your money, your worries, how you want to take care of your family — someone who understands your life and goals.

For more than 35 years, our team of experienced lawyers has worked to deliver timely financial planning, legal advice AND individual attention to our clients in Lexington, regardless of their economic standing. To that end, we proudly offer the following boutique of legal and financial services.

Personal Bankruptcy

Every day, hardworking people who care and provide for their family end up with their finances in shambles, often for no other reason than the fact that the American middle class is under fiscal assault from all sides. Creditors keep calling for their money. Late notices – 60-, 90-, 120-day collection bills – and utility shut-off warnings flood your mailbox. Cars are in danger of being repossessed, and maybe you are threatened with wage garnishment or the loss of your home. A bankruptcy attorney in Lexington, KY can help you navigate these trying times.

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Business Law

If you’re forming a business, legal advice about which type of enterprise is best suited for your needs is paramount. Is sole proprietorship the answer? How about an LLP or LLC; or might incorporation be the answer? Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each business classification relative to your needs is vital as you consider what form your business will take — or when it might need modification. There is also a virtual cornucopia of business documents you must leverage in order to legally protect your fledgling – or transitioning – company as it grows and flourishes, including the following:

  • Employment contracts
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Loan documentation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Leases
  • And many others, even business dissolution

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Business Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy laws were written in order to offer a fresh start to individuals and businesses – from sole proprietorships to corporations – that find themselves drowning in large amounts of debt. Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy offer an opportunity for a new financial beginning. They lower the amount of debt that distressed businesses owe, in some cases completely eliminating stifling financial obligations. Bankruptcies that are deftly managed can positively impact the legally mandated period of time in which bankruptcy debts can be discharged.

Bankruptcy forgives your debts, sometimes in less than a year. It can be the only way to stop aggressive creditors from using the courts to seize your possessions. Speak with a bankruptcy attorney in Lexington, KY for assistance with your financial struggles, and to learn more about your bankruptcy options.

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Estate Planning & Trusts

As we age, the focus of estate planning shifts from taking care of ourselves into assuring that our estate takes care of our loved ones after we’re gone. It makes little difference what our age or health status may be; an effective estate plan benefits just about everyone. Today is the ideal time to begin constructing your custom estate plan while you can. Having your unique estate plan can guarantee your property will be distributed according to your personal wishes, and with minimal delay.

Wills, durable financial powers of attorney, instructions regarding your health-care wishes through a living will, or durable medical powers of attorney can also be easily folded into an all-encompassing estate or trust plan.

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We help those in need in not only Lexington, but several surrounding counties as well. Should you have an issue in Business Law, Estate Planning, or Bankruptcy contact us today for your free consultation.

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Why You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lexington, KY

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Lexington, KY will ensure that you receive full protection under the law and will prevent mistakes that can prove costly. A seasoned attorney knows the system and how to utilize federal bankruptcy laws to your benefit. With help, a bankruptcy setback can be the beginning of your launch to a much brighter future.

What Makes a Good Bankruptcy Attorney?

A good attorney is always prepared to go the extra mile to meet individual client needs. At Bunch & Brock, we first listen carefully to understand important details, then we bring the full benefit of our experience and dedication to each case.

How a Lexington Bankruptcy Specialist Can Help

Bunch & Brock can handle all aspects of your bankruptcy case, so you can turn debt problems over to us and prepare to get on with life. We deal directly with your creditors and provide direction and counsel to help you avoid unnecessary losses and expenses. Our attorneys can also help you learn how to reestablish credit and move forward with confidence.

Is Debt Taking Over Your Financial Life?

If you are a little behind on payments but see your way clear to catching up, you may be able to handle a debt problem before it spirals out of control. But, if you are continually juggling bills, avoiding creditors, and slipping further and further into debt, you have a serious problem that is likely to become unmanageable. Talk to Bunch & Brock to learn your options


Get Help From Our Lexington Bankruptcy Attorneys


Personal Service from Qualified Bankruptcy Attorneys in Lexington, KY

There are so many vital ways in which the offices of Bunch & Brock, Attorneys at Law, can be of service.

The attorneys at Bunch & Brock are dedicated to transparent client communication. We do not rely on secretaries or paralegals to meet with you and relay messages back and forth. Your attorneys personally attend to your needs throughout your relationship with the firm, from the initial meeting and through every step of our association with you. You will always meet with your lawyer – NOT a paralegal.

Most of our attorneys were raised here and continue to live in Lexington and other towns in Central Kentucky. We know the problems the good people in our region face on a daily basis, and the relationships we’ve forged with clients and the community are the cornerstones of our practice.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy due to personal or business-related financial difficulties, if you need a will, trust or estate planning assistance, or you seek business formation advice, we are here to help in any way we can. Contact us by calling 859-554-0691 to put the wheels of change in motion.

ways we can help

A bankruptcy attorney in Lexington, KY at Bunch & Brock can help individuals, families, and businesses obtain debt relief through consumer and corporate bankruptcy law. Our firm can also help individuals with estate planning, wills and trusts, and provide advice on how to avoid foreclosure.

Our business attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to small and medium-sized businesses, including business formation and incorporation.

why hire an attorney?

Because You Need a Lawyer – Not a Paralegal.

When you hire a lawyer at Bunch & Brock, in Lexington, Kentucky, you will have a lawyer handling your case—not a paralegal or legal assistant. You will meet with an attorney who will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and develop a strategy to meet your goals. Your attorney will return your phone calls, reply to your e-mail, and keep you informed of all developments in your case.