Meet Our Lawyers

moving forward

Life can throw you curve balls – we can help you decide the best next step forward.

Bunch & Brock has been helping businesses, individuals and families address their legal needs for over 40 years. Whether you are invested in growing your business, concerned about bankruptcy, or thinking ahead about your estate – Bunch and Brock can help identify the solutions to move you forward.

Your Questions Fuel Our Answers

Individuals and business owners often arrive at our offices with a range of questions that have been keeping them up at night. I don’t know what to do? What are my options? How do I move forward?

We take to heart our profession: Counselors at Law. Our clients may often feel confused and fearful ; sometimes they’re embarrassed. We are not simply attorneys – we’re counselors at law. We become advocates to help our clients understand what options to consider and arrive at the best outcome for their situation.

Your First Step

Give us a call and let’s talk. Together, we will thoroughly evaluate what options to consider and the pros and cons of each. Each set of circumstances is unique, and what is the right solution for one client may not be the best direction for another.

You can be assured that all communications are held in the strictest of confidence and that we will respect your right to privacy.
First we take the time to understand you – then we’ll work with you in strategizing your game plan forward.

Moving Forward

In issues of business law, bankruptcy, or estate planning, people find ample reason to put off calling an attorney. You may tell yourself you’re too busy, or that you’ll have more time later … in almost all circumstances the greater the delay, the fewer options may be left on the table. Don’t keep punting the ball – reality will catch up with you.

When dealing with serious financial issues, time is of the essence. Waiting to take action may cost you some of your rights. Contact us as soon as possible to get started on the path toward financial stability.