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Bankruptcy Attorney in Versailles, KY

If you’re unable to pay your bills, a bankruptcy attorney in Versailles, KY, may be able to help. If you’ve fallen behind, no doubt it’s stressing you and impacting your family and job. Bankruptcy might be a good option to put this behind you and give you the fresh start you deserve. Our Versailles, KY, bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide whether filing for bankruptcy protection is the right choice for you and your family.

Bunch & Brock attorneys work with people in financial trouble, and they understand the challenges you face. We can help you reach a better financial situation and get on with your life. We can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact a Bankruptcy lawyer in Versailles, KY, today at 859-254-5522 for a consultation.

Why Do I Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Versailles, KY?

Bankruptcy traditionally is viewed negatively, but it’s a modern reality for families with serious financial challenges. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it may be the best way to put you financially where you want to be. It’s probably far more common than you realize. In 2021, 413,616 bankruptcy petitions were filed in the U.S., according to the federal court system.

This is an area of law you shouldn’t handle by yourself. It’s so complex that many of our bankruptcy clients are referred to us by other attorneys who don’t understand how these laws work. It is best to have a lawyer on your side with the right skills and experience to get you through the process successfully with the least amount of time and effort.

Our legal team has years of valuable experience and a strong understanding of bankruptcy law. If your financial difficulties are too much to bear, count on us to help give you the advice and counsel you need.

Why Should I Choose Bunch & Brock for My Bankruptcy?

Every day we work to earn a strong reputation for representing clients in bankruptcy and the respect of our clients and fellow attorneys. We put our clients first and take the time to know them, their situation, and the goals they want to reach. We know what questions to ask and what information is needed to fully understand what you’re going through so we can come up with and execute the best possible plan for you and your family.

We’ve represented clients since 1976 so, unlike some other attorneys, we won’t be learning bankruptcy law while working on your case. There’s probably nothing going on in your financial life that we haven’t dealt with many times before. We understand you’re going through a tough time. Going through a legal process and declaring bankruptcy may make you scared and anxious. We will put your mind at ease and get you through this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Call an Affordable Versailles Bankruptcy Attorney at Bunch & Brock?

The sooner you contact us, the better. Many people needlessly go through years or months of money problems, often spending money on debts and bills that they will never fully pay off, before calling us. There’s a good chance you’re throwing money away, giving it to creditors who just want you to pay as much you can for as long as you’re able.

The longer you wait, the worse your situation will get. Our Versailles, KY, legal team will guide you through your options. Contact our qualified attorneys today to get started.

You can reach a Bankruptcy lawyer in Versailles, KY, at 859-254-5522 for an initial consultation.

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What are My Options?

Bunch & Brock bankruptcy attorneys represent debtors in all types of consumer bankruptcy law cases. These options are named from the chapters of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code:

  • Chapter 7: The most common form of personal bankruptcy permits some, but not all, of your debts to be discharged, so you no longer need to pay them.
  • Chapter 13: This may be the best choice if you have a steady income, temporary financial problems, and you want to keep your house. Debts covered by your bankruptcy will be discharged if you complete your payment plan.
  • Chapter 12: Available only to family farmers. There are special requirements concerning income, assets, and debts.

Bankruptcy won’t discharge all debts. Often debtors will start with Chapter 13, but because they’re unable to keep up with required payments will convert to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Each chapter has its advantages and disadvantages. We’ll help you decide which one is right for you.

What Debts Don’t Go Away After a Versailles, KY, Bankruptcy Filing?

Bankruptcy will address many, but not all, debts. Those not covered include:

  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Legal fines
  • Some taxes
  • Student loans
  • Property loans for items you still own
  • Loans you received because you lied on financial forms.

If these debts are a severe problem, discharging other obligations can help you pay them.

How Long Does a Bankruptcy Stay on My Credit Record?

If you’re considering bankruptcy, your credit record is probably pretty bad. Filing for bankruptcy protection may lessen your financial burdens, but it won’t clear your credit record immediately. You may find it challenging to secure consumer debt at a reasonable interest rate for a few years after filing. You also may have a hard time getting a mortgage or other type of loan.

But, overall, the benefits of bankruptcy may outweigh the costs. How long your bankruptcy will be on your record depends on the type of bankruptcy you use:

  • Chapter 7: 10 years after a judge discharges the bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13: 7 years after you fulfill and complete your reorganization plan
  • Chapter 12: 7 years after a judge discharges the bankruptcy

An affordable Versailles bankruptcy attorney can help you choose the right one to address your situation and what you hope to achieve.

Is a Business Bankruptcy Filing Possible?

Business bankruptcy filings in Kentucky may be the best option for you if you own a business. You may need to file for personal and business bankruptcy protection, depending on your situation. We will help you find the right way to meet your goals no matter the circumstances.

Can a Versailles Bankruptcy Lawyer Protect My Retirement Savings?

Generally, your current or future Social Security payments and your retirement accounts can’t be reached by creditors, though there are caps on the amounts protected.

Under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA), nearly all ERISA-qualified (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) retirement accounts and pension plans remain exempt from creditors. There are some exceptions. Non-ERISA-qualified plans (savings and investment accounts, stock option plans) are not protected.

Can I Keep My Car and Home After Filing in Versailles, KY?

When you file for personal bankruptcy, you may be able to keep property, including your vehicle or home, depending on the chapter you use and state law.

To keep these and other personal property items, you must meet Kentucky exemption rules, including:

  • Current loan: If you are up to date on the payments, you may continue paying and keep the property.
  • Residence: You usually can keep your primary residence, but not a vacation home.
  • Equity value: If the equity value is less than the exemption limit, you should be able to keep the item.

Each case is unique. We can discuss what you may or may not be able to save if you file for bankruptcy.

Contact a Versailles Bankruptcy Lawyer Now

You have options if you can’t pay your bills and don’t think that will change. Bunch & Brock can explain your options and provide you with potential solutions. Contact us at 859-254-5522 to discuss your situation.

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Personalized, Professional Legal Guidance from Bunch & Brock

Picking the right Versailles bankruptcy lawyer is the first step in getting back on your feet. A Bunch & Brock attorney will put your needs and goals first. They will be available throughout the process and will work diligently to achieve the best result possible. At Bunch & Brock, we do everything we can to make the bankruptcy process smooth and efficient.

Bankruptcy may give you financial freedom and a fresh start so you can begin a better future. Let Bunch & Brock help you get to your new beginning.

Call 859-254-5522 and talk to an experienced, highly effective, and affordable Versailles bankruptcy attorney. Your new future begins today.

Get a Fresh Start

Located in Woodford County, the city of Versailles, KY, is part of the Lexington-Fayette Metropolitan Statistical Area that thrives comfortably in the state’s Bluegrass region.

Pronounced phonetically, unlike the name of the French city, Versailles was incorporated on February 13, 1837, and for a brief time was occupied by both the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War.

The city had humble beginnings on a mere 80 acres of land owned by a child named Hezekiah Briscoe. Briscoe’s guardian at the time, Major Marquis Calmes, chose to name the spot after the famous French city of the same name in honor of his friend, hero of both the American and French Revolutions, General Lafayette.

A piece of civil war history, The Confederate Monument in Versailles, can be found in the city cemetery and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The white marble structure, erected in 1877, is known for its hexagonal shape and is secured on a base made of concrete and local limestone. Standing higher than the surrounding headstones, the monument marks the center of a circle of Confederate graves and displays the names of Confederate veterans on each of its six sides.

Extraordinary farmland surrounds Versailles, including some of the most well-known equine breeding and training farms in the area. Several past winners of the Kentucky Derby make their home here alongside up-and-coming Thoroughbred, Standardbred, and Saddlebred horses.

While this part of Woodford County is known for its horses, it’s also the proud home of Woodford Reserve, an internationally respected brand of premium small-batch straight bourbon whiskey. The distillery building was built in 1838, but distilling at the site began several years earlier, in 1780. It is the oldest of the nine bourbon distilleries operating in Kentucky as of 2010 (though distilling at the site has not been continuous).

Woodford Reserve distillery became part of the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. It was officially named a National History Landmark in 2000, proving that whiskey is not just a spirit but a work of art.

More recently, the city has proudly embraced another art form: theater. Since 1987, Versailles’s Woodford Theater, previously known as the Woodford County Theatrical Arts Association, has built a respectable reputation for excellent live entertainment. The organization’s dedication to following a professional and educational model earns it high regard from critics and show-goers alike. A subscription season includes four or five productions and opens auditions and behind the scenes opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds.

About ten minutes south of the church in the heart of downtown Versailles on Main Street sits the Woodford County Courthouse, which offers many services such as marriage licenses, deed recording, and voter registration. All bankruptcy issues are dealt with at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky at 100 East Vine Street in Lexington.

Lexington, KY Attorney Matt Bunch

Attorney Matthew Bunch

Matt handles complicated bankruptcies and debt restructuring in Chapters 11 and 13 for both individuals and companies. He has also negotiated with multiple creditors on behalf of his clients to avoid bankruptcy. Matt is the firm’s lead litigator and handles contract disputes, certain personal injury claims and general litigation. [ attorney bio ]


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