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Help! I’m in Bankruptcy and Just Inherited Property. What Happens Next?

They say timing is everything, and that is certainly true when it comes to bankruptcy. What you own and what you owe must be listed in the schedules that you file with the bankruptcy court. But what about income or assets that come your way while your case is pending? Whether anticipated or not, the federal Bankruptcy Code requires the reporting of any funds that a debtor becomes entitled to within 180 days of the date he or she filed for bankruptcy. That means inherited money or property becomes part of the bankruptcy estate if […]

The End of January Brings Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

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With tax season underway and the filing deadline of April 15 looming in the near future, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has chosen January as a good time to help educate Americans on tax identity theft. This incredibly invasive misconduct occurs when a person uses stolen personal information to file a fraudulent tax return claiming a refund. Observed this year from January 30 to February 3, the FTC is sponsoring specific events each day, including webinars and Twitter chats, addressing topics such as cybersecurity, how to lessen risk of identity theft, IRS imposter scams, and […]

Trends in Consumer Spending

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Earning more than you spend is a dilemma for many people. While the definition of what constitutes a necessity can vary widely across class, gender, and age, all groups struggle with the delicate balance of income versus expenses. What do you spend your money on? Have you ever wondered how you compare to other Americans? There is a lot of data out there on the subject. Consider: Just two years ago, the average American spent $98 a day to cover expenses and had a personal savings rate of only 4.9 percent. The average U.S. income […]

Why You Shouldn’t File Bankruptcy on Your Own

How to Confront Unpaid Loans with a Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy makes a long-term financial and legal impact on your life. Not to mention the emotional toll it takes, having to decide whether it’s even the wisest course of action, having to go through the process, then having to essentially start your financial life over again. Filing for personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 takes extraordinarily careful preparation, as well as understanding of the law. Misunderstandings or mistakes end up affecting your rights, more often than not. Life is complicated, and so are your finances. It is perfectly legal to file “pro se,” […]

November 26 is Small Business Saturday

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time when people stand in line to wrestle each other over that last TV at the big box store. The time when people hover over their computers, anxiously awaiting the next clickable deal. The busiest shopping days of the year are just ahead, and tucked in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday. Created by American Express in 2010 as a way to support small companies, this day has been officially recognized by Congress, is gaining in consumer awareness, and is a […]

Discharging Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

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If you have outstanding tax debt and are facing serious financial problems, you may be considering the option to file for bankruptcy. However, if you’re hoping to have some or all of your tax debt discharged, it’s important to understand that contacting Bunch & Brock is probably your best bet because we analyze whether your tax obligations are dischargeable or not. Certain types of tax debts are dischargeable, while others are not. Even with that in mind, there are still a number of conditions and stipulations to be aware of when it comes to discharging […]

The Newest Fraud: Friends on Facebook

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Social media is addictive. There’s always one more picture to look at, meme to laugh at, recipe to share. It’s generally human nature to want to interact with others, and even introverts often find themselves drawn to the level playing field presented by cyber interaction. You can be anything you want – and therein also lies the problem. Online scams and fraud abound, with Facebook a frequent target because of its popularity. Just last year, 72 percent of U.S. online adults and 62 percent of the entire U.S. adult population were users of that social […]

Do I Have to File Bankruptcy with My Spouse?

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We get this question a lot. After all, one of the cornerstones of marriage is sharing. While the short answer is no, you do not have to file bankruptcy with your spouse, the more convoluted legal answer is heavily dependent on your personal circumstances, because there are situations where both spouses filing for bankruptcy is preferable. Note that if married debtors do decide to both file, they can file a joint petition, which keeps the cost down as it is considered legally to be one case, with one fee. The rules are different for community […]

How to Avoid Ending Up in Jail for Your Debt

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Debtors’ prison. Taken separately, those words are only slightly less depressing than when taken together. The jailing of people who were unable to pay their financial obligations was not federally eliminated in the U.S. until 1833 – and some states did not outlaw it until 1849. Today, being in debt is not a crime, but there are matters that must be addressed so you don’t end up in the clink. When you first miss a payment, the initial reminders from your creditor are polite. Two missed payments trigger frequent phone calls and a drop in […]

June 28: National Insurance Awareness Day

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At the end of June, right before Fourth of July celebrations, a lesser-known observance highlights the importance of insurance in our lives. It may seem as if the topic of insurance doesn’t need any publicity. After all, we’ve been bombarded with messages that one company can save us 15 percent or more on car insurance while another is there for us like a good neighbor and a third has a name that sounds like a duck’s quack. Most of us have personal experience with insurance when we buy a car, visit the doctor, or take […]